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xposted like mad

Hey Everyone!
Sorry if this is offtopic, but right now, it's desperate.
This summer, my friend won a contest to make a movie with Winterfresh gum. He got to pick a teen crew to help him and I was on it. Anyways, right now, it's competing online against a team from Iowa. Today is the last day of the contest, it ends at 11:59 pm PST and we are LOSING right now. We really, really, really need everyone to vote! We worked so hard on this, and it's been so much of my life since it started, I'm really going to be so so upset if we lose. Anyways:
the link is
the movie is called "Spending Money".

You can vote once per IP address. We are about 60 votes away from being tied with the other team, so please please help! Every vote counts!
Thank you so much, and mods, you can delete this if it's totally inappropriate.
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