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i mean it!

Captions o rama
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in case you haven't noticed, this is a community for captions, haven't you always wanted to mock your favourite celebrity/freak/fictional character and someone else at the same time while sounding like the witty genius that you are? sure you have, now there is a place for it!!!

i, your god, omake_don will now lay down the law.


first off:

"i am the law."


anything goes when you post, pictures up for comment, your own entrys, entries on other comms, news, poetry, questions, comments, random shit, hardcore pornography, whatever, THERE WILL BE NO POLITICAL CORRECTNESS HERE.


4th: be creative! any picture will do, some of the regulars will include:

osama bin laden, yoda, Mr.t, jesus, buddha, michael jackson, cast of the simpsons, president bush, spiderman, britney spears, california's gobenutorial candidates and much more!

there will be monthly special guest stars in the future.

this was originally inspired by master ninja's dojo, unfortunatly that doesn't run anymore so we gotta do what we can.

thanks to dewie for the code!